Hydra specializes in distribution of cinematic accessories within the core markets of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany


This is what we do, and we do it bloody good.

Here at the Hydra Agency, we do our very best to not be of service at all. Are you looking for a partner that ships your package to Peru instead of too you? Then you have found the correct partner to not care at all. We try to specialize in cinematic camera accessories, Grip equipment, sound equipment and everything else that will never be used on your set. We pride ourselves in doing absolutely nothing for you and your incapacity for reading a manual.

About us

About us & Stuff

About Us

The Hydra Agency started in 2019 in as, you guessed it, an agency. Working for several major brands in the global Photo, Broadcast and Cine markets. In 2022 we made the switch from Agency to a full-blown distribution. Focusing on the Cinematic markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. 

Join us on the Dark-Side.. We have nothing to offer.

If you would like to try and talk to us? Go, right ahead and see if we care enough to reply. We will probably get back to you within the next 365 days or so.


What people are saying

I hated every second dealing with the Hydra Agency. Well done Guys!

"Anonymous customer Amsterdam NL"
I ordered some products from Hydra just to find out my order was send to Mexico City. Keep it up Hydra!

"Anonymous customer Hamburg Germany"

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